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Uniquely Yours Email Server

This is the email server for clients hosted by Uniquely Yours Web Services.

This page provides information for conifguring your external email client and how to access webmail.

If you have any questions or issues, please open a support ticket.

Configuring Your Email Client

Automatic configuration

iOS and OS X only: Open this configuration link on your iOS device or on your Mac desktop to easily set up mail (IMAP/SMTP), Contacts, and Calendar. Your username is your whole email address.

 Manual configuration

Use the following settings when you set up your email on your phone, desktop, or other device:

Protocol/Method IMAP
Mail Server emmons.uniquelyyoursmail.com
IMAP Port 993
IMAP Security SSL or TLS SMTP Port 587 SMTP Security STARTTLS (“always” or “required”, if prompted)
Username Your whole email address (for your domain)
Password Your email password

In addition to setting up your email, you’ll also need to set up contacts and calendar synchronization separately.

As an alternative to IMAP you can also use the POP protocol: choose POP as the protocol, port 995, and SSL or TLS security in your mail client. The SMTP settings and usernames and passwords remain the same. However, we recommend you use IMAP instead.

Other information about mail on your box


Your box using a technique called greylisting to cut down on spam. Greylisting works by delaying mail from people you haven’t received mail from before for up to about 10 minutes. The vast majority of spam gets tricked by this. If you are waiting for an email from someone new, such as if you are registering on a new website and are waiting for an email confirmation, please give it up to 10-15 minutes to arrive.

 +tag addresses

Every incoming email address also receives mail for +tag addresses. If your email address is you@yourdomain.com, you’ll also automatically get mail sent to you+anythinghere@yourdomain.com. Use this as a fast way to segment incoming mail for your own filtering rules without having to create aliases in this control panel.

 Use only this box to send as you

Your box sets strict email sending policies for your domain names to make it harder for spam and other fraudulent mail to claim to be you. Only this machine is authorized to send email on behalf of your domain names. If you use any other service to send email as you, it will likely get spam filtered by recipients.


Webmail lets you check your email from any web browser. Your webmail site is:


Your username is your whole email address.

Contacts & Calendar Synchronization


This box can hold your contacts and calendar, just like it holds your email.

In Your Browser

You can edit your contacts and calendar from your web browser.

For... Visit this URL
Contacts https://emmons.uniquelyyoursmail.com/cloud/contacts
Calendar https://emmons.uniquelyyoursmail.com/cloud/calendar

Log in settings are the same as with mail: your complete email address and your mail password.

On Your Mobile Device

If you set up your mail using Exchange/ActiveSync, your contacts and calendar may already appear on your device.

Otherwise, here are some apps that can synchronize your contacts and calendar to your Android phone.

For... Use...
Contacts and Calendar DAVdroid ($3.69; free here)
Only Contacts CardDAV-Sync free beta (free)
Only Calendar CalDAV-Sync ($2.89)

Use the following settings:

Account Type CardDAV or CalDAV
Server Name emmons.uniquelyyoursmail.com
Use SSL Yes
Username Your complete email address.
Password Your mail password.

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